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Our Mission

OccAssess will be industry leaders in the provision of occupational therapy assessments and intervention for complex clients

Our Services

Occupational Therapy Medico-Legal Assessments

OccAssess provide expert occupational therapy medico-legal assessments in our offices in Milton, and in the client’s home. This service is offered throughout Queensland. Our team consists of highly experienced occupational therapists, with each therapist possessing more than 25 years of clinical experience. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, objective, independent assessments and reports.

Assessment of Function and Care Needs

Our team of highly experienced clinicians are trained and qualified to undertake formal assessment of function and care needs. We all maintain FIM and WeeFIM accreditation, and provide these assessments throughout Queensland.

Assessment of Rehabilitation Needs

OccAssess Occupational therapists possess expertise in the assessment of a variety of conditions and in the identification of an injured person’s rehabilitation requirements. This includes physical, cognitive, emotional, environmental and equipment needs.

Occupational Therapy Treatment and Intervention Programs

Our clinical expertise within our team focuses on the provisions of occupational therapy intervention for clients who have sustained brain and/or spinal cord injury. We offer short term, goal oriented, intervention program to optimise function.

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